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The North Platte Catholic School System has a deep and rich heritage of providing quality, parochial education in the Catholic tradition. From the first “Nativity Convent School” that opened in 1891, to McDaid Elementary in 1916, St. Patrick’s High School in 1954, and the current McDaid School in 2000. Today, the North Platte Catholic Schools provide education to hundreds of students at the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels. McDaid Elementary and St. Patrick’s Junior/Senior High School are supported by St. Patrick’s and Holy Spirit Catholic Churches in the mission of educating individuals in the Catholic tradition by developing the spiritual, intellectual, and cultural lives of students. St. Patrick’s and Holy Spirit contribute one-third of the operating budget for the school system.


North Platte Catholic Schools students consistently score above the state and national averages on the ACT exam, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships, and dedicate hundreds of hours during their school careers to community service. Over the past 5 years, over 95% of St. Patrick’s graduates have gone on to higher education or military service. One hundred percent of 9-12 students are involved in NSAA sanctioned extra-curricular activities.  


Community support for the North Platte Catholic Schools is evidenced by the success of past and ongoing fundraising efforts. The last capital campaign, Project 2000, raised nearly $4 million to build the new McDaid. The North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment-Trust, Inc. was established in 1977 to serve as a financial foundation for the future of the school system. To this end, the Endowment contributes over $600,000 annually to the operating budget of the North Platte Catholic Schools.

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Our Churches


Our parishes of North Platte continue to be our leadership and guidance for our school.  

With the support of each of these churches, North Platte Catholic Schools may continue

on providing a high quality academic education while providing a Catholic/Christian

formation for your children.  If you would like more information on these parishes please

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North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment

Director:  Wendy Dodson

Assistant:  Madonna Jett

Faith and Knowledge for a Brighter Future!

The North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment - Trust, Inc. purpose is to foster, encourage, support and maintain a full-time Catholic educational system in North Platte, Nebraska.  As a primary outreach fund provider for the North Platte Catholic School System, the Endowment works with the school administration and the Catholic Churches in the community to raise one third of the financial support of the school and seed money to enable the school system to keep pace with the changes in teaching and technology.

Organized in 1977, the Endowment is located on the school campus of St. Patrick's Jr. & Sr. High School and McDaid Elementary in the southeast quadrant of the city at 601 South Tabor.  The mailing address is P.O. Box 57 in North Platte.

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