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Sub District Games to be Hosted at NPSP  Wednesday Jan 24, 2018 01:09 pm  By Jennifer Winder
The IRISH will be serving as host to some Sub-District Bball and District Wrestling Events!  At the beginning of the year we asked each family to help out at 4 events throughout the year.  Hosting the District and Sub-District Games helps generate much needed funds for ALL student activities. This includes Sports, Music Events, Honor Bands/Choirs, Speech Meets, Guest Speakers, and Transportation to all these events and much more.

Please help out if you are available by contacting Michelle Pasquinelly at school 532-1874 or via Pass A Note to sign up to work Gate and Concessions on the upcoming dates:  District Wrestling Feb 9th and 10th; Girls Sub-Dist. Feb 12th, 13th, 15th; Boys Sub-Dist Feb 19th, 20th, 22nd.       Click here to see the full Schedule


1st Semester Honor Roll 2017-2018  Tuesday Jan 09, 2018 11:08 am  By Jennifer Winder
Congratulations to the following students for making the A or A/B Honor Roll.  *Please remember if you'd like a printed copy of your student's (7-12grade) report card you can find it by accessing their student profile here in Sycamore.  Click your student profile (or have them use their student log in), go to the Documents tab, then select 2017-2018 Grade Card-Q2.


St. Patrick Jr/ Sr High School 1st Semester “A” average (93.00%-100%) Honor Roll

Seniors: Elizabeth Calhoun, Jacob Granger, Aiden Skillstad, Rebekah Troshynski, Gary White III
Juniors: Cassandra Brown, Jamie Fuqua, Ellie Granger, Calli Groseth, Hannah Kummer, Kaleigh Kummer, Nicholas Niesen, Isabel Roberg, Jacob Swift, Benjamin Vyzourek
Sophomores: Brooklyn Childears, Ashley Dye, Andrew Lindemeier, Talan McGill, Marinn Niesen, Keegan Nitsch, Kinsey Skillstad, Julie Slattery, Dylan Woody
Freshmen: Genna Blakely, Alexander Davies, Samuel Dekleva, Joseph Heirigs, Rachel Heiss, Sophia Krondak, Jackson Lake, Nathan Moats, Logan O’Malley
8th Graders: Teya Carlini, Jayla Fleck, Ashton Guo, Connor Hasenauer Jack Heiss, Olivia Huff, Hayley Miles, Caleb Munson, Elise O’Neill, Kathryn Roberg, Kate Stienike, Kathryn Wrenn
7th Graders: Kirstin Brandt, Andrew Brosius, Luke Ekdahl, Seth Engler, Kinley Folchert, Michaela Giebler, Dakota Guthrie, Tonja Heirigs, Casey Jett, William Moats, Megan Montgomery, Olivia Phillips, Samuel Scholz, Mae Siegel

St. Patrick Jr/Sr High School 1st Semester “A/B” average (90.00%-92.99%) Honor Roll

Seniors: Jayden Brosius, Tyler Heiss, Amy Honerman, Madison Kleewein, Allison Montgomery
Juniors:: John Blackmon, Kelsey Folchert, Gracie Rippen
Sophomores: Graci Castillo, Isabel Caudillo, Michal Ekdahl, Olivia Lynch, Ethan Munson, Jocylin Sellers
Freshmen: Landon Klasna, Isabella Stearns, Ashley Tolstedt, Sierra Winder
8th Graders: Jenna Kimberling
7th Graders: Brent Charlton, Gage Deeds, Jonathon Dekleva, Kailee Foust, Carlie Homan, Matthew Phelps


Dear Parents,

Please read the following note from the Nebraska Catholic Conference and contact our elected officials to voice your support:

Education Choice and LB 295:

The Church teaches that public authorities must establish “concrete conditions” for parents to exercise their right to choose an education for their children that best meets their needs (CCC 2229).

LB 295: Nebraska’s three Catholic bishops are supporting LB 295 (the Opportunity Scholarship Act) currently being considered by the Nebraska Legislature. LB 295 would enact a tax credit (beyond a tax deduction) for donations to nonprofit organizations, which must turn nearly all of their revenue into K-12 private-school scholarships for poor and working-class children.

Exists in Other States; Not Vouchers: At least 18 other states have similar “tax-credit scholarship” laws, including Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota. Many say that tax-credit scholarships are the same as vouchers. This is false, because vouchers shift public funds from public schools to private school students, while scholarship tax credits incentivize private donations to nonprofit organizations for private-school scholarships.

Action: Write letters or messages of support to: (a) the Governor, (b) state senators, and (c) the editor of your local newspaper. Learn more at

Contact for Senator Groene:

EDUCATION CHOICE AND LB 295  Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 01:51 pm  By Kevin Dodson

Sycamore APP is Here!  Friday Aug 19, 2016 04:00 pm  By Jennifer Winder

Sycamore School:  Family

Sycamore School:  Students

Are both now available for download from Google and Apple mobile market places.  Users will have access to many of the same great tools enjoyed in the previous versions with a few changes.

1) Interface:  You will notice "School" and "Personal" tabs for your convenience and also an emphasis on quick and easy access to student grades which now pop up when visiting the Personal Tab.

2)  All Features are FREE:  Sycamore has always tried to maintain a one-line item company.  The last app didn't lend it self in doing so.  Every feature in this new version is part of a the free package.  Features from the premium version will arrive in the free version shortly.

   A staff app will be released shortly.   SP bulletins/Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.03.53 PM.png

If you are trying to login with the old version you may experience some difficulty so please remove the old version from your device and use the appropriate app that features the images seen here. 

SP bulletins/Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.04.00 PM.png

SP bulletins/Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.03.47 PM.png